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Top Issues for Nevada

Nevada’s future rests on its economic strength. To maintain and increase that strength, our legislators must:

• Foster the development and expansion of businesses in our state
• Ensure that regulations support good market-based decision making
• Ensure that regulations reward the compliant
• Help diversify and grow Nevada’s economy

Energy and water remain key issues in Nevada. Our legislators must:

• Work together with federal and local governments to implement a comprehensive energy policy
• Provide a streamlined licensing and permitting process for energy development projects
• Work cooperatively to explore and development Nevada’s water assets
• Focus Nevada’s effort to become an energy exporter
• Promote conservation of both water and energy through incentive based policies

Tourism remains Nevada’s primary industry. To keep our tourism industry healthy statewide, Nevada’s legislators must:

• Support tourism related initiatives
• Support and develop infrastructure including roads, airports, telecommunications, water, sewer and power
• Maintain the highest regulatory oversight so that Nevada is seen as the leader in the gaming industry

Health care costs keep going up, in Nevada and nationally. Nevada’s legislators must:

• Minimize or eliminate mandates
• Encourage market-based solutions
• Eliminate regulatory barriers to entry by new healthcare providers

Nevada’s children are the future of the state. In order to lead us in the future, they must be well educated. Nevada’s legislators must:

• Insist on high academic standards
• Develop an incentive-based pay program for Nevada’s excellent teachers
• Support removing barriers to academic improvement
• Insist on productivity improvements tied to academic standards

Mining is a Key Issue in Nevada

• Support the balanced but realistic use of natural resources on public and private lands throughout our mineral rich state. Minerals are a viable and critical resource to our state and nation and should be utilized without unreasonable constraints.